What career advice did we give St. George’s school?

What career advice did we give St. George’s school?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Whatever your answer to the age old question ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ the crucial bit is making sure this answer is cited for the right reasons, that this dream job is the right path for you and that you go into your search with your eyes wide open.

 Passionate about helping young people to find the right career for them it was only natural that we included tailored careers advice in our employability day schedule.

 So, once St George’s year 10 students had completed their LEAN training and developed expert interview skills they were hot footing it over to our experts for 1-2-1 careers advice.


1-2-1 Careers Advice 

Before attending the students were asked what career they had in mind. We then matched them with the best professional to provide them with advice and answer any questions they had.


With commercial professionals spanning recruitment, finance, childcare, professional services, IT and engineering the students had a wealth of knowledge and expertise to learn from. And, with career responses ranging from Aeronautical Engineer and Neurologist to Lego Designer and TV Writer our professionals were definitely put to the test.


Insight from our professionals

 Damian Navas from Haig & Co spoke with students looking to becoming an Accountant, an Actuary, a Physicist and more. When asked about the students he had spoken to he said “They are a great group of youngsters, very bright, with lots of questions and big ideas. I talked with them about making sure that they were making decisions for the right reasons, we spoke about researching what they need to achieve to get to where they want to go and about the importance of playing to their natural strengths in order to excel and be happy at work.”


Zunaid Chand from LMPQ advised pupils about entering law professions. He spoke with them about the routes into becoming a lawyer, the different roles available and the skills required. “It’s great to meet such an engaging group. I was keen to encourage them to look at their own skills and strengths, think about this in relation to the law professions and then investigate the next step needed in terms of education.”


Other advisors included our very own Mark Bradley, for all those budding engineers, VIQU’s Matt Collingwood, for the Techies in the room, Haig & Co’s Tracey Byrne on finance, business and recruitment and Lucy Lancashire & Gavin Jones from Swift ACI for childcare and education advice.


Every one of our advisors were impressed with the students drive and enthusiasm and were able to share helpful information for their future careers, no matter how unusual the job title (Climatologist wins the prize).


A word from the students

Harvin, future Accountant, said “ I want to be an Accountant because I am good at maths and I enjoy it but I had no idea about the different types of Accountancy careers. Damian talked me through these, about how each one was different and what I needed to do for each one. We discussed the qualifications I would need and how long it would take to qualify. His advice was really helpful and I am also going to look at the internships available with the big Accountancy firms.”


Budding entrepreneur Charlie spoke to Tracey about wanting to make money and run his own business. “ Tracey made me realise that I didn’t have to just go down the property route as a way to make money. I could actually combine my love of cars and my passion for business. I then talked to Steve from LEMA about apprenticeships. I could make money doing something I love!”


We are so pleased to have been able to offer these bright young students such valuable tailored advice so early on in their career journey. Here’s to a happy career future for all those St George’s actors, doctors, lawyers, voice over artists, climatologists and more.