Top 5 Career Tips

Top 5 Career Tips

Following our recent schools employability sessions we thought it would be useful to share with you some of the key messages from the day.


It was fantastic to have such a diverse group of experts in one room (think finance, recruitment, manufacturing, childcare and more) to help guide our groups of young adults in these important decisions regarding their futures.


5 steps to finding career happy


  1. Choose a career for the right reasons

    What do we mean by this? Really what we are saying is make sure the role is a good match for your skills and natural strengths. Don’t choose a career just because someone else thinks you should, just because you think it sounds cool or just because of the big bucks. Sure, these things are great to have and of course the money is important, but consider them as the icing on the cake. You’re going to spend an awful lot of time at work so it is vital that you are happy. And, guess what? When you are happy at work you are more successful and when you’re successful the money tends to follow.


So, take the time to really think about the type of job you want and why you want it. Take a read of our last blog article to help you figure things out. We promise you it’s worth it in the long run!


  1. Attitude is everything


More and more employees agree that skills and knowledge can be developed over time. What they also agree on is that the right attitude is the most important factor when selecting new employees. Businesses want people they can trust, they want people who demonstrate commitment, enthusiasm, passion and care. Employers are also looking for people who fit with the existing culture of their business.


It’s not enough to simply turn up with the right qualifications; all the other people in the room have that too. The best way to stand out from the crowd and make a great impression is though your attitude. So, take the time to think about the type of businesses you want to work for. Does their culture and way of doing things match yours? If so how think about how you can you demonstrate this. And, once you’ve landed that dream job it’s your attitude that will see your career really soar. So, remember to be dedicated, enthusiastic and tackle every challenge with positivity.


  1. Be prepared to be flexible


Fact: Things don’t always go to plan.  So, it’s important to have a plan B up your sleeve, just in case things change. Life is such that we never know what is around the corner and to be rigid in our thinking is a dangerous approach. When thinking about your career choices, when selecting subjects, universities, colleges and courses make sure you have a back up plan. What if you don’t get the grades? What if Uni isn’t an option? What other avenues are open to you? Hopefully you won’t need it but it’s there just in case. Not only does it open up your options, it prevents you from making knee jerk decisions out of blind panic. And, who knows, it might just open your eyes to new pathways you had never even considered. Plan B could even become your plan A!


  1. Do your research


In all aspects of your career journey it is essential to do your research. Start with researching different jobs to understand the reality of day-day life in these careers. Then take the time to check out all the options open to you to get you to your dream job. The options are vast (university, college, apprenticeship, paid internship etc.) so, regardless of your career choice, don’t just sit back and assume there is only one way.  Of course when it comes to selecting employers and preparing for interviews research is again your best friend. Scour the company websites, news articles and social media posts of any future employers. Use the information to help you prepare for a dazzling interview and also to gain an insight into the type of company they are. Does this sound like a place you would enjoy working for?  Get friendly with research and you won’t regret it!


  1. Think outside the box


Where else could your skills and strengths lead you? Now is your time to think big!


Having recently enjoyed a speech delivered by a young man who went from studying  science to working in Italy as a Ferrari race strategist, I have heard first-hand the amazing destinations that seemingly ordinary options can take you. And, after speaking with a former Zoology student, now hugely successful in business and finance, it is also clear that the opposite is also true, that a somewhat unusual qualification can still see you rubbing shoulders with the suits of finance.


The common link here is that both have combined their skills with their passion. One combining skills in the world of physics with a passion for F1 and the other following a love of biology and scientific behaviour with a skilful business brain.


Think about your passions and how you could combine these with your natural skill set? We met at least one young man on our employability day who suddenly realised he could do exactly that.  His career plan has now completely changed and his enthusiasm has rocketed.

I hope you find these headline tips from our employability day useful in your search for the perfect career. Please check out our other blog posts for more insights surrounding interviews, career planning and applying the concepts of LEAN to your search.


Thanks for reading!